Thursday, January 31, 2008

what is a genre?

A year ago, I have to admit that "genre" was somewhat of a sore subject. Since then, (and a self help book later) I believe it to be more a state of mind than anything. It's an illusion and only used for others to categorize after the fact. It should be unimportant to an artist, and probably is. And in such a case should be a dead subject. But for fairness of argument I will give it a once over.
Where there is profit there will be boundaries to separate the expensive stuff from the not so expensive stuff.
So what is most expensive?
What is slightly less expensive? so on and so forth down the ladder.
Tada, this is where genre's exist.
(This same platform I would assume functions for education as well.)

As far as genre and the studio practice

This is compelling, why are the sculptors painting, painters making installations so on and on...why? Because the genre simply doesn't mean anything! Not knowing how to make a video does not stop me from wanting to learn in order to finish a piece. At some point we knew nothing and figured that out...why categorize oneself? It's hard enough to make good work without restrictions.

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