Thursday, January 31, 2008

Genre can also mean "of the paople" referring to the fact that it is of lay man's access. One of the things I like about the awareness of genre in my studio practice is that it allows me to explore new topics without using the same old tired approach. In a sense it is a state of mind as Sarah said earlier. No one really gives a shit what your work is "about" as long as they can find some semblance of connection within the work. That, in turn, becomes what the work is about. Haven't we all been bored or in between pieces in the studio to the point of doing something for the sake of keeping your hands busy? A lot of that stuff never makes it out of the studio to see the light of day but it is informative towards other stuff. I have to admit I have made simple sculptures about plants or flowers in a simple effort to work in a medium I don't tend to focus on. Does that make me particular to the Genre of Botany art? I think not... But it is a sense of discipline that compels me to stay busy and make something, even if it belongs at an arts and crafts fair.

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