Thursday, January 31, 2008

To Genre, or not to Genre

I have a difficult time relegating myself to a particular genre. Meaning that in order to truly investigate a subject requires a broad exploration of differing media. That is to say that investigation via the camera's lens (photography) speaks to a particular topic in different ways than say using audio. Yet both are effective in revealing certain attributes of a particular subject. I do agree that one should not limit themselves to one medium. It seems to lead to a narrower vision of how things exist. Art seems to be about many things. Among them is making things that are pretty and nice to look at. But often it is about looking at the world in ways that are not obvious. So it seem s logical that in a culture where media shows us imagery and feeds us doctrine, artists should skip the Genre train in an effort to compete for the "truth."

I am not sure what the opposite of -ism is, but I do know that it denotes the action or result of ____. A state of ______.

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